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Culture Dementia UK was founded in February 1998. Culture Dementia UK was previously known as Friends of African/Caribbean Carers and Sufferers of Dementia (FACCSD)

We became a National charity in the same year. We were set up to support carers and people living with of dementia among the African/Caribbean community.We identified the need for such an organisation. After researching we found that there are no other groups in the country that caters specifically for the African/Caribbean Community or the BAME comunities.


Dementia especially caused by Alzheimer's Disease is a very sensitive subject among the BAME communities. Mental health illnesses are not openly discussed therefore they are not accessing the care and support available to alleviate the pain and distress the disease causes.  Many are unaware of Alzheimer's Disease, vascular dementia the symptoms or how to care for people living with dementia.                                        


People living with dementia are sometimes inappropriately treated and carers suffer in silence.
Our principle function is to dispel the myth of Dementia and uphold the dignity of sufferers and of old age.

We aim to educate and provide support to carers. To educate the BAME communities in the causes of dementia: to promote education in all matters relevant to dementia and provide counselling and respite.


Through our work we have discovered that dementia especially caused by Alzheimer's Disease and Vascular dementia is also stigmatised among most ethnic cultural groups.                                                                                                      

.  visit sufferers in care homes and in their own homes.
.  befriend people living with dementia and support them.
.  give talks on Dementia from the African/Caribbean prospective.
.  try to educate the BAME communities.
.  act as an advocate.
.  provide respite care to carers of people living with dementia of Dementia.
We hope that with your support we will expand and dispel the myth of Dementia and uphold the dignity of old age.

Founder  Enid Jackson



Byron Jackson



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