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What to do if you think someone is suffering from dementia me.

Try and persuade them to see a doctor sooner than later.

Often the sufferer may realize that something is wrong and may even say, “What’s happening to me.” Therefore a little persuasion may be all that is necessary. It is very important to get them to see a doctor, as there may be other causes such as:

Severe Anaemia
Brain Tumour
Hormonal conditions
Drugs reaction
Thyroid disease
Vitamin deficiencies

Once a proper diagnosis is made, ask your doctor to put you in touch with someone or an organisation who can explain the condition to you and your family/friends. You may wish family or friends to get together for further discussion. This is very important, as you need to plan for the future and agree on the same things.


Ask your doctor to refer you to a Specialist nurse or Social Worker, who will advise you on services available.

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