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What is dementia
Dementia is diminished mental powers,due to faulty working of the brain.There are several causes but the most common cause is Alzheimer's Disease.Dementia affects people of all races from all walks of life, people of different sexes.

Dementia usually affects older people but the age group is getting lower. Dementia affects the rich and the poor, good or bad. Dementia is nothing to be ashamed of. Dont ridicule sufferers, they are not mad or bad Its just sad,they are ill they have Dementia.

° Dementia is the failing of ones mental powers due    to a faulty  working of the brain.

° Dementia is not a curse.

° Dementia is not a stigma.

° Dementia is nothing to do with being good or bad.

° Dementia is nothing to be ashamed of.

{Carers comment ) “If only i knew about this Dementia thing,things would of been different. Now I feel as guilty as hell. Everyone should know about it”.


Causes of dementia

Dementia is due to a number of causes:

The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease
Other causes are:
Vascular (circulatory causes eg. stroke)
(likely to be more common among African/Caribbean Community)

Lewys Body Disease

Picks Disease

Infection eg.CJD,AIDS

Alcohol or other substance abuse


Signs & Symptoms

Signs & symptoms

.Loss of short-term memory


.Losing and hiding things

.Accusations (eg. of theft)

.May leave taps running or gas cooker unlit.

.Hallucinating - seeing or hearing things that are not
.really there

.Cannot recognize clean from dirty.

.Does not know night from day.

.Aggression - physically and verbally.

.Cannot remember if they have eaten.

.Repetition i.e. asking the same questions over and
over again.

.In later stage may not recognize those close to them,
and may lose the ability to carry out activities of daily
living. (e.g.. Dressing, using the telephone)

.Long-term depression.

.Lose control of bowel and bladder movements

.Paranoia-the belief that people are out to get them


Alzheimer's Disease

This is a progressive condition in which nerve cells in the brain are affected by a process which causes alteration in the brain chemistry and the size of the brain substance shrinks. This disease is the single most common cause of dementia. The disease process progresses which in most cases, means several years of intellectual and personal decline, which gets worst as time passes.

The cause of the disease is unknown. The onset is rare before the age of sixty, but thereafter increases steadily with age.

The symptoms and signs vary between individuals, but there are three broad areas. At first, the person becomes increasingly forgetful and may try to cover-up by writing lists, or seeking the help of others. The problem when associated with dementia may cause the sufferer to become anxious and depressed. Another phase is when the person suffers memory loss of events. The person with dementia will be able to recall long ago events, like school days, however; they may forget what they had for breakfast the previous morning. They will also lose touch with time and may not be able to tell what day, month or year it is. They can lose their way around their homes and are not able to find the right words when they need to explain themselves. They suffer personality changes, and you may become surprised at their behaviour they may become aggressive, demanding, unpleasant and violent.

The person often refers to seeing objects that are not really there, and this becomes more evident at night. They may later begin to neglect their personal hygiene (bathing and changing clothes) and also become incontinent (of urine and faeces).

It is important at the beginning of these symptoms that a doctor sees the person so that the condition is properly diagnosed and treatment may be carried out.

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