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Culture Dementia UK have now combined services with Peace of Mind Home Care Solutions. This will enable the charity to deliver an exceptional home care service  to our service users.


Peace of Mind Home Care Solution  will assist persons in need of social,personal care ,wellness,counselling  domestic services, Caribbean food services and sitting respite services. We will also assist with essential activities of every day life. 

Peace of Mind Home Care Services are an Innovation in home care and provide and excellent service. Their team provide for every eventuallity that is why they are called peace of Mind Home Care Solutions. There vision is to provide a service as if they are supporting there own mothers and fathers.

Life as you used to know it does not have to change with Culture Dementia UK we take your culture into account this is done through careful research.

Whether you are British, Caribbean, African, Indian,Irish, Pakistani, Chinese or Eastern European  we understand you.           

All our staff are fully vetted and CRB checked





Do you think you have got what it takes or  have something special to compliment our great team? If so, we would love to have you onboard.   

You can fill-in an application form below or contact Cheryl at our HomeCare Peace of Mind Home Care Solutions Recruitment Team Tel: 0800 048 8686

      Do you Live in Brent or Harrow?

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Are you a carer? Do you need a break. Would you like to have some much needed me time?

If you are looking after someone living with early dementia?  Let us do the caring on Thursdays at the centre. For more information call us on 0800 048 8686

Join us every Thursday at our Day Care Centre.

When Culture Matters

      we are here to help

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   Peace of Mind Home Care Solutions

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Respite Team

Please contact our respite team. We are there to help.

Always remember it is you right to choose your caregiver

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