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The Big Bike Ride

The DJ Streetsound Charity Bike Ride

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Due to New Government Guidlines

*Express Yo-Self Events*

As part of the Dj/Streetsound industry culture, in conj. with

*Bandooloo consultancy*


Mc Dodd, Dj Ali & Jay Nelson(J2) would like to invite you to participate in *The Big Ride Out* The DJ & Streetsound Charity Bike Ride in aid of Dementia and Mental Health, this will be a chance for us (DJs and Sounds) to give back to our communities by raising money for not one but two worthy causes - *Culture Dementia UK* and *OMA  mental health network*


This Takes Place on:

Sunday 20th September 2020 


We depart at 1pm from various locations in London with the final destination being Hyde Park Speakers Corner (approx 17 miles from departure points).


We would love for you to *Ride Out* with us.

To take part in this worthy event please contact:

Dj Ali 07973 157 946

J2 07944 986 828

Mc Dodd 07860 534 913

by Monday 7th September 2020.

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