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Isolation and Home Respite Service


Culture Dementia UK has a brand new service to offer in the Brent and Harrow area.

Do you need a rest or just need some company.


It is not just about the person that is unwell the caregiver needs support too.

This service is tailored to your individual requirements minimum time of 2hrs per visit and overnight services are also available. This service is delivered by trained careworkers.


Respite at Home Service

Looking after loved ones can be extremely stressful and tiring. Sometimes you need time for yourself or someone to focus on your needs. We understand that it is not always possible to go for a break away from home but it is possible for us to come to you. We have trained carers that can visit you and take that stress away. You may want to go shopping, hairdressers; you may need a companion to your own appointments. You may even need to just get a good night’s sleep or a couple of hours during the day. Fully trained carers are there to take over so you can have a well-deserved rest. We tailor your plan so that you received the support you need so that you can continue to support your loved one.


Companionship at Home

Isolation is a growing concern today. We can visit your loved one at home. We can sit down and have conversations, reminisce, drink a cup of tea. We can undertake stimulation tasks like playing games, going for walks or creative exercises. We can bring the day centre to you. Caregivers can feel isolated and have no one to turn to. Allow us to be your new best friend.

Let us take over you deserve a break

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